Additional Features

To Do Notes

Stop sticking post its all over your work area. We included your own personal to do list that you can access anywhere, anytime.

Easily add, change and complete items on your list.  Schedule future to do items.

Add items to other associate's to do list.  You will be notified when the person completes the item that you added to their list....keeping everyone accountable.  

You get notified when someone adds an item to your to do list.

Manage Schedules and Time Off

Everyone can manage their own schedule. We support two schedule options. Fixed and Variable.

Fixed schedules are for associates who work the same hours every week. Variable schedules are for associates that work different hours every week.

Associates can easily manage their time off.


Easily generate invoices for appointments.

Manage unpaid invoices.

Email invoices.

Multiple Locations

We support multiple locations.

Appointments can be assigned to specific locations

Calendars can be viewed by location

Manage B2B Relationships

Easily manage your business relationships.

We take defining your business contacts to another level by also managing multiple locations for a company.

Easily view all of your contacts for a company and/or a company location.