Our forms are so much more than just a we came up with a new name - QLEBI (QLient wEB Interation).

Each Qlebi has a unique URL.

Qlebis are dynamic.  

Qlebis are intelligent.  

Qlebis can be tweeted.

Qlebis can be posted on Facebook.

Qlebis can be emailed.

Qlebis can be landing pages.

Qlebis update client attributes.

Qlebis add new clients.

Qlebis update client contact information.

Qlebis automatically show up without having to search for them.

Qlebis manage information.

Qlebis schedule appointments.

Qlebis replace excel spreadsheets.

Qlebis can be embedded into your website.

We also gave Qlebi a form (pun intended)

Meet Qlebi