Email Marketing

Send Emails

Mary Frank Jane Joe
We look forward to meeting you
Tuesday 3/1 Friday 2/26 Monday 3/7 Thursday 2/25
at 9:00.

  • Brand your emails with your own look and field.
  • All client emails can be viewed on the contact screen.
  • Choose recipients one at a time or use a custom client list.
  • Type a custom email or choose an email from your email library.
  • Schedule emails or send them immediately.

Email Library

  • You probably send the same email over and over again.  Don't keep re-typing it....add it to your email library. 
  • Each email can by customized using text replacement for name, appointment date and appointment time.  
  • Include links to questionnaires/forms. 
  • Links can be images or text.
  • Select recipients, select an email and click 'send'.  It's that easy.

Marketing Lists

 Create lists of clients based on their attributes.  

You define the attributes that are important for your business.  

Use any combination of attributes to create client lists.  The lists are real time.  So, when a client fills out a form, their attributes are automatically updated and they are added to any lists that they fit.

Here are some examples...

Women, ages 20 to 35, with kids, a dog and lives within 5 miles of zip code 19085
Men who have birthdays in March
New clients
Get Cold Stone Massages and (have a motorcycle or boat) and eat donuts

Email Themes

  • Add personality to your emails.  
  • Use email to enhance your brand recognition.  
  • Create email themes that you can use over and over.

Themes include...
a header image
header text
a custom link image 
footer text
a footer image

Choose your font,
font size,
font color as well as select a background color.