Manage Clients

Everything you need to know about your client is displayed on one clicking to multiple screens.

  • Next appointment
  • Outstanding balance due
  • Pay invoices
  • Print invoices
  • Keep notes
  • Log activity (like 'left voicemail')
  • Update attributes
  • View client documents
  • View any forms (qlebis) for this client


 Import your current clients to get started

Client Attributes

 Collect information (attributes) about your clients.


 So you can send relevant emails to specific clients.  For example, you only want to send
an email about your dog food special to clients who have dogs.  

  • You define the attributes that are relevant to your business
  • Attributes can be updated manually on the client screen
  • Attributes are updated automatically when your clients fill out a form, questionnaire or survey

Don't clutter your client's inbox with irrelevant emails