Manage Appointments

It's so easy to schedule one appointment,
multiple appointments,
find the next available appointment
and even check for scheduling conflicts

  • Train new associates in less than 5 minutes
  • Manage appointments for multiple locations
  • Appointments can be confirmed via email or phone
  • Confirmation emails include a CANCEL and CONFIRM button 
  • Your client's last appointment information, as well as confirmation preference, is automatically filled in....making scheduling a breeze
  • Find the next available appointment by date, 'x' weeks from today, morning or afternoon with one or more selected associates
  • Easily add merchandise or additional services 
  • Keep track of who's paid and who hasn't
  • Generate invoices on the spot
  • One click access to your client's notes, history, activity, forms and documents
  • Keep everyone informed about the status of your appointment with our job steps

Manage Jobs

What's the difference between an appointment and a job?

  • A job may last longer than a day
  • A job may not have a specific begin and end time
  • A job is typically B2B (we make it easy to manage your B2B relationships)
  • Your B2B clients can have multiple locations
  • Upload job plans so all of your associates have access to the information that they need

My guys out in the field have access to the information that they need to do their job. They can use their phone to capture and update job information. This software has actually helped me 'streamline' my business.

Jim GibbonsCEO & Founder - Streamline Fire Protection, LLC